SaaS Link Building- Top 7 Strategies To Get Authority Backlinks

SaaS Link Building is an essential component in order to rank for organic keywords, attract relevant traffic from ideal clients, and develop an SEO growth engine for your software firm that drives client acquisition and revenue.

For SaaS, I’ve created more than 2000 high authority backlinks. Every tactic in the book has been put to the test by me.

And I discovered that most of your SaaS link building results will come from just seven particular strategies.

Gaining a spot on the first page of search engine results is a top priority for many SaaS companies, especially new ones. It is how you increase brand recognition and promote growth. Achieving a top ten ranking on Google distinguishes you from your competitors and establishes your credibility in your industry.

Why Link Building For SaaS is Important for your SEO growth

Your goal is to boost relevant traffic from your potential customers when developing an SEO marketing strategy for your SaaS business (such as a software provider for co-working spaces, project management, CRM, and others).

This entails identifying what people are seeking and satisfying their desire with informative content.

The issue? It’s not that straightforward to rank on Google. You cannot simply publish content and anticipate getting the attention of every searcher.

Why? Google’s algorithm takes into account more than merely adding a new blog article.

Backlinks are the most significant ranking element. It’s an important factor in how Google assesses what constitutes an authoritative, trustworthy (E-E-A-T) website. According to Google:

For instance, Understanding whether other well-known websites link to the content is one of the many indicators we use to determine (quality content).

Consider backlinks as a website’s endorsement of your brand and your content. Similar to Yelp reviews are backlinks. They convey your credibility to readers and Google. that people should care about your brand.

The more quality endorsements you receive, the better it is.

For instance, receiving a backlink from Forbes or HubSpot is 100 times more useful than receiving a backlink from an unknown website. Google doesn’t care if you’ve never heard of it, that much is certain.

Now that you are aware of the significance of link building for SaaS businesses, here are five tactics you can use right away to acquire powerful backlinks.

7 Effective SaaS Link Building Strategies

Strategy 1-  Digital PR Link Building

Digital PR is without a doubt the most successful link-building strategy you can employ to get around some of the most typical difficulties and barriers that SEOs encounter:

    • Link building at a larger scale without sacrificing the value of the links obtained

    • Earning editorial links

    • Earning links from media with high editorial standards and subject relevance

But despite the fact that SEOs frequently use digital PR as a strategy to do this, it can actually generate much more than just links.

Here are some crucial instances and techniques for digital PR link building:

The major sources for link building are surveys and studies. They improve branding, facilitate outreach, and increase link volume at scale.

Because of this, we concentrate mostly on these for our clients in order to generate links that actually matter and establish businesses as industry leaders.

Studies and surveys are exactly what they sound like: they look into your specialized area for information that journalists will find interesting and want to share and write on.

You should be prepared with useful data, content, and information when you email website owners, bloggers, and journalists.

You’ll never get backlinks if you only ask others to link to your website in a blind fashion.

One of the primary digital PR link-building strategies for SaaS is surveys and studies, which can provide a ton of backlinks from authoritative sources.

Strategy 2-  Guest Posting Contributions

Guest posts are a wonderful way to boost your backlink building.

Establish links by showcasing your business in your own words in a guest post for a website that is appropriate to your industry. Gaining high-quality backlinks is simple and practical with guest posts. Ask about submitting a guest article to a few high- and mid-tier businesses and magazines in your industry.

You can succeed at guest blogging by following industry news and promoting interesting viewpoints about your business. Write a blog post about the lessons you’ve learnt while developing your SaaS business, or create a how-to manual on SaaS marketing.

You are thus:

    • Create a target list of credible, high-quality websites and businesses in your niche.

    • Together, you create something worthwhile that their readers will actually consume.

    • You receive author credit and a backlink in the article’s byline, as well as perhaps a link to your business within the blog post itself!

This increases your website’s ranking ,domain authority, traffic, and other factors while also exposing you to people who could be interested in your SaaS solution.

Adopt a more direct strategy. Never, ever Google “guest post websites.”

Find websites that are relevant to your niche, create connections, and produce informative content they wish to publish.